Chevron Candy Corn Puffy Paint Pumpkin

Here’s a simple way to decorate a pumpkin that has a big impact.  The cool thing is you don’t have to LOVE eating candy corn to enjoy making this DIY treat. A few of my friends even said this looked like a Charlie Brown pumpkin, so if you prefer the name “zigzag” over “chevron”, this pumpkin might be up your alley too! And it only takes a few supplies to make it!

What you need:
White pumpkin
Tulip Dimensional Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint
Masking tapechevron-stripesArrange the tape in a chevron pattern like shown. Leave about an inch in between each tape design.

Zig zag the puffy paint back and forth in the stencil opening.  Go all around the pumpkin.

Now apply the yellow to the bottom taped stencil area.  Be careful as you go around the pumpkin not to smudge the pumpkin.

While it’s still wet, remove the tape from the pumpkin. I love how clean the paint edge looks when you remove the tape.
And there you have it!  A cool stencil chevron candy corn pumpkin!  Proudly display on your porch or with your pumpkin collection!

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