Black Crackle Pumpkin DIY

Here’s a cool way to make an artful pumpkin that you make with kid’s craft supplies!  All you need is a white pumpkin, a handful of crayons, and some black tempera paint to get this cool crackle effect.  coloring-on-pumpkin-crayonDraw over an entire white pumpkin with crayons. As you can see, I added random color swatches all over.  Since you’ll be covering this up, you don’t have to be perfect with your lines or coverage.adding-more-paint
Cover your entire pumpkin in a LOT of  tempera paint.
Let the paint dry and the results will look like this…

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Mardi Gras Bling Pumpkin

Black Rainbow Crackle Pumpkin

The crackle effect looks so cool!


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