10+ of the EASIEST and BEST Pumpkin DIYs

If you’re looking for a Halloween pumpkin craft that’s going to stand out on your front porch or at your party, we have you covered.  Whether you’re looking for something sparkly, rainbow, or simple, one of these DIY no-carve ideas will inspire you to get creative this fall and Halloween season!  Read on to get links to all these awesome projects!

glitter drip pumpkin diy

When glitter and glue collide, you get this awesome Glitter Drip Pumpkin  Make it rainbow colored or sparkly in two-tone or ombre.  Whatever you choose, it’s going to be so cool!
gold swirl pumpkin craft

Create a faux embossed look with this swirly gold pumpkin. The cool thing is the embossing is created with tacky glue. Get the tutorial for the Gold Swirl Embossed Pumpkin here.
crayon drip pumpkin diy craft kids

This pumpkin is my all-time pinned pumpkin!  I think it’s because it’s colorful, uses supplies everyone has on hand and it’s great for all ages to make!  Get the instructions for this Crayon Drip Pumpkin here.

instagram photo pumpkinTurn your memories into a cool art pumpkin with this Instagram Photo Pumpkin
rainbow glitter pumpkin

Glitter fanatics will go crazy for this Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin.
chevron candy corn pumpkin

Inspired by candy corn, this pumpkin is created using puffy paint and masking tape. Get the instructions for this DIY  Candy Corn Chevron Pumpkin here.

galaxy art pumpkin

Paint and glitter mix to create this Galaxy Art Pumpkin  that looks like the night sky.


Use glow in the dark paint to make this geometric design on this Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin



All you need is red puffy paint to make this Bloody Dracula Pumpkins .


Create this glow pumpkin in minutes. The cool thing is this Personalized Glow Pumpkin looks amazing under blacklight!

mardi gras gold bling pumpkin

Mardi gras beads have never looked so cool.  Grab a handful to make this Mardi Gras Bling Pumpkin .


This artful Black Rainbow Crackle Pumpkin uses only 3 supplies to make this cool crackle effect.

If you love these ideas, pin them!  Here’s a great pinnable graphic you can pin (and get a lot of repins on)!






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