Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin DIY

Add some major bling to your pumpkin and break out from tradition with this rainbow glitter pumpkin that will look dazzling on your front porch or to display in a special Halloween curation inside!  Not only that, if you show this pumpkin to your little girl, she’s going to freak and want to make one!  It’s truly unicorn magical!  Let me show you how easy it is to make this sparkly number!

What you need:
Medium-sized pumpkins
Acrylic paints in a rainbow of colors
Glitters in a rainbow of colors (for mine, I used Tulip Fashion Glitter)
cheap paintbrush
foam brushes
paper towels (optional)
– box, cardstock, or surface for catching glitter

painting rainbow glitter pumpkin
Squeeze the paints into your palette and with the foam brush, paint on the first stripe of your pumpkin. You can follow the ridge line/indents on the pumpkin as a guide.  If you feel more comfortable making your pumpkin into true “rainbow sections, use a ruler to mark off seven sections on your pumpkin.  I even divided the stem into sections so I could paint and glitter them too.

adding glitter -rainbow glitter pumpkin
Pour on your glitter onto the wet paint after you complete each section.  You’ll need to lay the pumpkin on it’s side so that you can get full coverage. Believe me, it’s hard to get the glitter coverage if you apply it from the top of the pumpkin.rainbow glitter pumpkin brush off
After a few minutes, the paint will dry and you can brush off the glitter with your paintbrush. Now you can move onto your next section.

Keep adding paint and glitter sections until you make it all the way around your pumpkin. You’ll notice you’ll want to pick glitter colors that blend together nicely. For example, a bright orange glitter color will look more in the ROYGBIV rainbow than a neon orange.  Though, I totally think a neon rainbow pumpkin would be an amazing pumpkin to try as well!rainbow glitter pumpkin diy copy
Look at all how the glitter sparkles!  This is eye candy for sure. If you are concerned about the glitter flaking, seal with a spray sealer like Aleene’s Spray Sealer (I like the gloss finish)

glitter pumpkin rainbow
You can play around with a lot of different color combos.  I love the idea of blues and oranges together or black with bold pops of teal and hot pink.  Play around with your favorite colors or colors to match your décor.

rainbow glitter pumpkin diy


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