Rainbow Glitter Drip Pumpkin

Love pumpkins? Love glitter? Well, do I have a pumpkin DIY for you!  This is a really easy Halloween craft that takes a lotta glue and glitter, so be prepared! There’s going to be a BIG glitter avalanche and lots of dripping glue!!! glitter-pumpkin-supplies

What you need:
Small black pumpkin
Glitter in a rainbow of colors
Aleene’s Fast Grab Glue
Inexpensive paintbrush

pull-down-glueStart by pouring on the glue and taking a paintbrush and dragging it down to create drips all around the pumpkin.

It will look like this once you are done letting it drip.pour-on-glitter
Start pouring on the glitters. I applied the colors in the spectrum of the rainbow. poor-on-drips
Turn the pumpkin on it’s side and sprinkle on the glitter so you can get all the drip areas.
After you are done, it should look a little like this.screen-shot-2014-09-29-at-11-36-18-pm
Let the glue dry (it will take several hours or even a day or so).  Take a larger brush and brush away the excess glitter.glam-shot-glitter-drip-pumpkin t otglitter-drip-pumpkin-view-top1
Once the glue was  TOTALLY dry, I needed to clean up a few of the drips of glue that kept dripping after I applied the glitter. I simply cut it up using small scissors.final-glitter-drip-pumpkin1
This is a fun project and you don’t have to have much skill or artistic ability to get an awesome result! Booyah!

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