Melted Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin DIy

Make the ultimate rainbow pumpkin to decorate for Halloween using crayons and a hair dryer!  This is taking the melted crayon art canvas trend to the next level and onto a pumpkin.  The great thing about this pumpkin is it’s great for all ages to make and you can use your favorite crayon colors to create your design!

If you’d rather watch the video I made for this project, check it out!

What you need:
– White pumpkin (real or faux)
– Crayons in various colors (unwrapped)
– Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
– Hair Dryer
– Trash bags or tablecloth to catch any stray crayon melt
glue-crayonsSqueeze on the glue on top of the pumpkin near the stem and press the crayons in
This glue holds FAST as it says in it’s name and is great for kids to use (unlike a glue gun that can burn them). I laid these out in a rainbow pattern.


Start melting the crayons.  I had to put the heat on high to get them to really melt. This is something for an adult to supervise if working with kids.  You can also use a heat gun for this project; I just used the hair dryer cause I know most people have that on hand and not a heat gun.

Let the crayons continue to melt all the way down the pumpkin.  Don’t melt them too much cause the colors will start to become muddy and blend together.



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